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Main : Best Home Theatre ?

Best : by ANDRE L

As AVDADDY said, it would be a great help to know something about the size of the room you will have this gear in, and your budget range to buy the gear.

In general, the best TVs are LG and Samsung.Without knowing the room size and how far your seating will be from the TV, I cannot give you an idea of what size set to buy. At a minimum, a 1080P TV would be what you’d be looking for, and if you can swing the extra cask, a 4K model might be a good pick. In either case, either a stand alone BluRay player would be the minimum there. If you go 4K on the TV, you also should go 4K on the disc player.

When it comes to the sound system, you start with a stand alone audio video receiver. Entry level models are 1 for their sound, meaning five channels of audio plus the point one for the subwoofer. Then, you will need proper home audio speakers which the receiver will drive through it’s internal amplifier.

Good makes here include Pioneer, Harman Kardon, Denon and Yamaha on the receivers, and JBL, Infinity, Polk and Klipsch on the speakers. Above all else, avoid ALL cheapie systems where the disc player is built into the main unit and avoid all products from Bose. They are grossly overpriced junk.

A proper combo of receiver and at least 1 speakers will start at about $500 and up.



Main Question: Difference between drafting materials, tools and equipments?

Best Answer: by Eferska

A material is consumable.

A tool is non consumable and aids you in doing a specific task.

is a little more general, including tools but also other support .

That being said the line between the 3 can be blurred easily.


Main Question: Heavy equipments construction category Caterpillar 140,14 Graders,Blaw knox,Cat Pavers,Kenworth Highway tracto

Best Answer: by ??~ RZ ~??

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Main Question: Is the plural of equipment equipments? If not why not?

Best Answer: by M Huegerich

Not quite: The word ‘equipment’ itself refers to a set of tools or supplies. You wouldn’t have one equipment; you’d have a single piece of equipment.



Main Question: Is there a limit to how many Equipments you can attach to a Creature in Magic the Gathering?

Best Answer: by jimmy

On theory wise there is no limits to how many Equipment(s) artifacts you can attach to a single creature. However, there are a few creatures’ abilities, enchantments and a few Equipment(s) that might stop you from equipping equipments on to a specific creature. Please pardon me if i made any mistakes in presenting the following:

Creatures with Shroud abilities cannot be targeted by any spells or effects. Hence, Equipments require a creature that you control that’s target able before you can actually attach the equipment you want to it. Shroud creatures can’t be equipped by any equipments; unless the shroud creature is being targeted by Nim Mantle’s pay 4 mana effect to attach a creature that’s entering the graveyard.

Colored Artifact Equipments cannot equip to those creatures with protection of colors that belongs to the equipment. Say you have equipped Sword of Body and Mind to a creature you control and it gains +2/+2 and protection from Green and from Blue. You may not attempt to equip Behemoth Sledge on to that creature; due to Behemoth Sledge is 1WG (White and Green) colored. Protection from color(s) prevents any legal trargeting of effects, abilities and spells.

Lastly, As of date, there are two eqiupments that grants shroud to the equipped creature Lightning Greaves and Mist silk Cloak. Similar to number example, once the creature gains shroud, no more equipment(s) are ever be equipped to it again until the card that grants it shroud is removed from that creature.

All in All, there’s no limit to the equipping the numbers of equipments on to a creature. But there are the risk of over equipping one creature and get it removed from play by creature removal spells and bouncing spells.



Main Question: Manga/Comic/ Animation Equipments?

Best Answer: by utoriXOXO

Ok let me explain to if ur a beginner trust me ur gonna have to start with beginners equipment .Im also working on something similar.Anyway in the long run if u wanna be successful u need to start with the beginners equipment because if u dont know the basics u wont be able to to function any advance equipment so take it from me it’ll be really difficultt for u to .Good luck!!!!!



Main Question: What do you think of Nike Golf equipments?

Best Answer: by green_lantern66

I’ve gamed Nike’s original SuMo, the SuMo 5000, the DyMo and the Covert Tour drivers. Also messed around with some of their wedges. They’re on par with anything Mizuno, Callaway, Srixon, etc., etc., etc. make.

It’s OK if you don’t like the Coverts; there’s so much available from so many companies you can leave it. I did… I switched to a Cobra Bio Cell from the Covert. It didn’t change anything, distance wise (same shaft and specs), but it sounds better to me.



Main Question: What equipments to rappers actually need for music festivals??

Best Answer: by gregory_dittman

A microphone, a mixer, a laptop with all your beats and words and a PA system if thee is no in house PA system. The microphone and the laptop plug into the mixer and that’s where the volume is controlled. The mixer then connects to the PA system.



Main Question: What is the plural form of the word ‘equipment’?

Best Answer: by zlevad29

It would be usual to say “equipment is”.

Theoretically we could say “equipments are”

and the plural form is accepted in the Scrabble world.



Main Question: What is the science behind air fry equipments recently arrived in market for cooking food in less oil?.?

Best Answer: by Marduk

Deep frying is an efficient heater of food because the hot oil covers every piece of food evenly. By using hot air with an oil coating the same thing is achieved as the air evenly heats the oil that heats the food. The Actifry has a paddle that moves the food so it gets an even heat. Boiling is efficient too but water only gets to 212F so not the same as oil which gets to 375F.



Main Question: What is the static equipments? what does it means?

Best Answer: by Don B

*Static equipment are stationary equipment which are non moving but help in many process operations.

*Static equipments play an important role in any plant since the use of any equipment becomes a vital cog in operations.

In an oil refinery, common static equipments used are

Heat Exchangers,

Steam Traps,


Distilling Columns and

Piping Systems with its associated appurtenances.



Main Question: What Tools and Equipments Do You Carry for your Job?

Best Answer: by Jeremiah The Giant Slayer 7

In my line of work I carry a lawnmower, grass trimmer, leaf blower etc.



Main Question: What’s the difference between materials and equipments?

Best Answer: by busterwasmycat

equipment is tools and machines. materials are the supplies needed to make whatever it is that is being made.

if you are making furniture, you have equipment, like sanders, lathes, saws, etc. and you have materials like wood and cloth and metal tacks or nails.

If you are baking cookies, you need materials like eggs, butter, flour, sugar, and milk, and you need equipment like mixers and ovens and cooling racks and packaging machines.

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